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 HooliganExtremes.com was created in Humble, Texas 2000 by Sly "June" Vital. The original theme of HooliganExtremes was motorcycle stunt riding.  
June, an Humble resident, began riding motorcycles in 2000 when a co-worker Maurice "Shane" Roberts began luring him to local motorcycle shops. After purchasing a 2000 R6, June began frequenting the popular Houston motorcycle scenes including James Coney Island (Westheimer), Rankin Rd, Brentmore, and various other hot spots. One night when returning from James Coney, June ran into 2 other motorcyclist on HWY 59, Larry Lengue (99 ZX-6) and Allen "LooseCannon" Tudarescu (99 Busa). The trio talk at Bennigans and from then on began riding down town to James Coney together. Shortly after June met Jake "PrettyBoy" Gordon who owned a 97 ZX-9 at the time.

Shortly after meeting, June & PrettyBoy began attempting tricks on motorcycles that they had seen on videos such as Las Vegas Extremes. The fever was as addictive as cold beer. June and PrettyBoy began practicing nearly everyday trying to defy belief with sport motorcycles. It was soon then that the stunting two met Brandon "SupaMan" Spradling (00 GSXR-750). SupaMan caught the stunting spirit instantly and prove to be a natural due to his accelerated skillz of riding 1/2 mile standups within 3 weeks of exploring the art. The five riders began to ride down to James Coney as a group and watched with awe as other Houston riders would stunt the night up on Westpark Rd., a popular place for stunting on Saturday nights. Little did anyone know of the new crew that was developing. It was at that point that June decided to display their antics on the web, inevitably, HooliganExtremes was born !