The date was September 30th, Patrick Holloway and June went out to Waler Texas to go for their first skydive. After attending an extensive 6 hour coarse on all the basics of skydiving, June and Pat were ready to take the plunge. The first of anyone to date associated with, this was a monumental jump that occurred nearly one year before this extreme sports web site was formed. Ready, willing and able, Pat and June psyched themselves up to do the unthinkable, jump out of a properly functioning airplane. Nerves of steel and balls of a SKYDIVER, Pat was the first of the duo scheduled to jump from the Cessna on site at Skydive Houston, in Waler, Texas. As the two looked on at a young couple who were both taking a tandem jump, excitement rushed through their blood as the chutes opened and the couple came down an easy decent to a soft landing with their instructors strapped to their backs. The excitement was overwhelming for both Pat and June. As they waited impatiently, Pat and June couldn't help but notice that the Cessna plane that delivered the previous skydivers to the air had not returned. As time went on, no plane landed at the airstrip. Shortly there after, the pilot was spotted walking out of the nearby woods, without the plane. Evidently the planes engine died when the pilot pulled out on the throttle causing him to make an emergency landing. To most this would have been a sign to not go through with the jump, but June and Pat returned 2 days later and made history in the ranks of what was to be Most people thing we were stupid, dumb, and or crazy for jumping after the airplane mishap, we consider it hooliganism !!!!!

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